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Watch out Quick Review about Technologies for Ecommerce Website Development

This article is the extension of our Previous Article “Technologies for Ecommerce Website Development”. In last article we cover the

1. Magento: Popular for extensibility, development, management & consumer friendly options. It also support multi-store and multi-site functionality.

2. OpenCart: Popular for free design templates and plugins for advance functionality but not like a CMS.

Lets proceed with some more platforms for ecommerce development.

3. PrestaShop Ecommerce Application Development: It is an open source e-commerce web application that was launched in 2005. PrestaShop requires at least Apache web server 1.3, PHP 5, MySQL 5 and a Linux, Unix or Windows installed operating system. PrestaShop makes use of the well-known Smarty templating engine, and can handle multiple templates being installed at one time. PrestaShop has a better module folder structure than OpenCart. The common complaint with PrestaShop is lack of development documentation, though does seems to be improving with time.

4. Drupal Ecommerce Application Development: Even though it is not a specialist Ecommerce Platform, still it is quite popular because of its large community and vast array of extension. It is quite popular and have a major edge because of being a CMS instead of just an Ecommerce-system. The Ecommerce plugin enhances Ecommerce functionality of the Drupal CMS. Drupal can be trickier is in overriding core functionality. Often the only way to do so is to copy a core module, alter it, and make the same changes whenever updating in future.

Even though it has extensive and varied support communities to spend hours to look for help but Ecommerce is never a native functionality in Drupal. It comes as an Add-on which often posses traumatic situations while setting categories, products and related products.

5. osCommerce Ecommerce Application Development: “Open Source Commerce” is an e-commerce and online store- management software program. It is a most used platform despite history of poor security, difficult maintenance and spaghetti code. osCommerce is extremely poor when it comes to development. Almost all development work involves modifying core files, and those are largely procedural code. Where it does score well, however, it ubiquity of hosting.

Comparison Table

Ecommerce Comparison Table

Ref: http://www.addedbytes.com/blog/open-source-php-e-commerce-platforms/

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