Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Thinking For Mobile App Startup? Don’t Forget to Check These 10 Things before You Go Ahead

Entrepreneurship has become increasingly feasible with the changing trends of the business world. Mobile App Startups such as Spotify, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Edmondo and Flipboard have repeatedly proved that it has become simpler than ever nowadays to launch a successful startup, allowing you to smoothly transition from corporate to business mode. So, what is on your mid – An Android App or iPhone app or you have big plans to target every smartphone user in the market?
Here we have listed few checkpoints that are to be kept in mind if you want to avoid the initial crash and burn phase that may hinder the growth of a budding mobile app startup. Follow the below mentioned cautionary steps to foray into market medium with a Smartphone app and lead your startup into the horizon of success:

  • Define and evaluate your Brand: Depending upon the type of users you want to focus upon, decide the organization and functioning details of your mobile app. Then, evaluate the type of service your mobile app will provide and its demand in current market scenario.
  • Domain Name Selection and Registration: After finalizing your startup blueprint, select an appropriate name for it and take time to do so since it will be the most important part of your company’s brand. You can check for the availability of required domain name via popular search engines like Google and register it as soon as possible.
  • App Platform and Expert Developer: Make a right selection for your app developer considering the previous background in development the Smartphone apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone etc. The community for Android app developer is very big and you may easily get the cost effective developer to develop the app but an experienced developer or service provide can suggest you right mix of native , hybrid apps that can cater to wider audience using iPhone and other smart devices.
  • Manage your Budget with Open-source Tools: CMS and other such open-source tools and frameworks are being adopted by big names in business making it trendier than ever to better manage your budget as you invest in more important assets such as qualified back-end team that will keep the app up and running minus the trouble.
  • Use Multi-language platform: If you really want your app to explode like fireworks in the global market then try to keep its language platform multi-lingual such that your app can reach out to even the remote places where people are not familiar with English language and prefer to interact with each other in real life as well as virtually in their native language only.
  • Connect and remain active on social media: The omnipresent platform of social media includes your favorite Facebook, twitter and Instagram which does a fine job of connecting you with your clients and investors and that too totally free of cost.
  • Pay Attention to Feedbacks: Once you have created enough buzz in the cyber world and roped in an impressive clientele, try to implement their suggestions effectively else the domino effect may kick in and you will end up losing not one but the entire web of users that follow or is connected to that specific user.
  • Take Legal Aspect into consideration: Try to keep all the legal troubles at bay by hiring a legal professional or taking the service of a credited legal agency that will warn you before you end up in some billion dollar copyright violation suite.
  • Native vs Hybrid App for Cost Effectiveness: If one wants to create a general-purpose mobile app that can run on multiple platforms then hybrid apps fit the bill but if the requirement is to add a certain native experience to the look and feel of the app aimed for a specific platform then native is the best pick. In some scenarios, unwarranted development in hybrid app development environment may cost way more as compared to its native counterpart.
  • App Development Considerations: Cost-cutting in resource investment process is not a smart decision if that means trading off quality for affordability. Such inexperienced decisions may lead to low product quality, unfriendly apps, frequent app crashing and eventually plethora of negative reviews on app stores.

The road to entrepreneurship might be a bit tricky but once you brave through it while keeping the above mentioned points in mind, the destination will surely be rewarding enough.

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