Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Social Media Marketing vs Other Forms of Marketing

SMM-Social Media Marketing has many of benefits than traditional marketing. Any type of marketing material, we placed on the highway of internet, by no means have to remove and content also doesn’t have to fade as it is in traditional approach. So while social media marketing material is appropriate right now and will be visible continuously

Our videos can live on the social video sites for very long duration, in fact always, but on the other hand a Television Ad have very short span of life only for 25-35 seconds.

If we post an article or blog content, it may be visible for years, in the internet archives and our audience can found our message any time. If, our audience like our content they will generally speak about our message and it may go viral by sharing.

On internet audience engages them as per their convenient time unlike a TV, radio, or newspaper that may not be as per their schedule.

Many surveys about engagement of audience conclude that people devote more time on the internet than any other medium of communication. According to mashable,” During the week of October 3rd, 2010, thirty million people played the Facebook game Farmville, while only twenty-four million people watched the most popular TV show of the time, “Dancing With the Stars.

Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing is Important?

Social Media is more engaging.

Social Media is more affordable.

Social Media just plain beats out the competition.

Social Media is Two Way Communication.

Social Media provides freedom to audience to Review about Brands

Advertiser can target ad campaigns to specific audience

TV and Radio ads are not sure bet for ROI, we invest a lot of money for our ad of few seconds and hope our audience is watching or listening our message and will react. On the hand in social media advertising we can target our ad campaigns to specific audience in specific geography for great interest and good ROI. Ad Hoardings cost thousands time more that Social Media Marketing cost and can only deliver message the people passing nearby it, while Social Media Marketing can be in several locations at multiple times for the same investment.

Although above traditional forms of marketing may be useful for specific marketing campaign but Social Media is a far superior medium to have a brand existence. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn are the major players in Social Media, so presence on all these platforms and other blogging sites adds a great value to marketing campaign of any brand.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Mobile Website V/S Mobile Applications

It is an ongoing debate that why mobile websites can’t can replace the mobile applications. Business Application Development for Smart Devices requires an extraneous effort for an organization in developing applications compatible with devices operating on different platforms like android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry.

To cover-up maximum audience, one has to develop applications for all platforms. Isn’t it a bit too expensive?

If you have an existing consumer base, and want to enhance your services through user engagement and streamlining process, Mobile Applications are the Best Pick. Mobile Application can be developed for wide range of uses like – gaming, business productivity, process improvisation, daily planner, media applications. It can be beneficial in complex and graphic intensive product offering. They operate in background also, with push notifications to the user while otherwise using the Smart Phone.

mobile apps

Following Benefits of Mobile Apps makes them preferred source for Mobile Targeting :-

• Builds Customer loyalty, Brand Visibility and increases retention

• Focused approach with Specific Offering

• Faster than Mobile Websites

• Offline usage (however we cannot purchase without a connection)

• Wide Range of Usability

But Mobile Websites even though are not quiet popular but slowly and gradually it is believed to shadow the disadvantageous associated with Mobile Application Development like:-

1. Expensive development expenditures comparable to optimization of Mobile Website.

2. Excessive development time.

3. Application Review Processes for putting it on App Store

4. While marketing on App store, one have to share 20-30 % of revenue

Mobile Websites have a better reach as your mobile website is easily searchable on Mobile Search engines. You need not have to visit App Store for it. Mobile Website can be accessed using internet on all Smartphones. It doesn’t have any compatibility issue. One doesn’t have to work for its usability on devices with different platform and maintenance cost is also much lesser comparable to Mobile Apps for keeping it updated on all operation platforms for Smartphone.

Big Question? What you should go for?

Ideally introduction of both will be the best for your business. If you are a small business set-up, to begin with, we recommend you for Mobile Website Development. Optimisation of mobile website can bring traffic, increase website usage and presence on Mobile Search Engine. It will be easier to make changes and maintain up-to-date for all mobile platforms. According to a Nielsen study, 69% of Americans used the mobile web for hotel research, versus 31% through mobile apps.

For a big enterprise with good existing user base with objectivity to enhance your services through user engagement and streamlining processes, we recommend you for Smartphone Applications. Its very clear, mobile applications are in trend because of its functionality and clearly overshadows mobile website. As a professional enterprise, you cannot leave any gap which can hamper business in present or future scenario. It’s better to keep abreast with upcoming trends in market.