Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How Software Application can help in overcoming Post Recession Consequences?

Now when the world have started emerging from the worst recession been considered since after 1931 Great Depression, the window has also opened once again to look for conclusive organization development for companies across different industries. The Positive Market signals have given confidence to companies to think for technological intervention in organizational processes to maximize profits and look for holistic Development.

What could be the immediate strategy to cover up lost business during recession time? I have just tried to find out how implementation of IT and Software Systems to transform the organizational process into effective and efficient operation can actually help you cut down cost, leverage market demand, maximizing revenue and enhance profits for organization well being.

Software Application

Software Application to enhance Manual Processes: During Recession, the first step companies tried to cut down cost is to “Layoff” the employee strength. In fact, it was been realized that the exaggerated employee strength was also somewhere the reason for excessive expenditures and poor performance. Precisely understanding the need to replace manual processes with IT and Software Application can help you reduce expenditures and maximize profits.

Following are few Trends in IT and Software Application (Desktop Application, Mobile Application and Web Application) Development for Business Enhancement and Growth:-

• In-Trend IT and Software Development for Transportation Industries in India: The transportation sector in still unorganized in India and somewhere it is also getting prime focus for bespoke application development companies to come up with cost effective robust applications to manage the fleet of Vehicles.

• Software Application for Kiosk and Point of Sales: With paucity of time, the customer likes to have prompt services and in fact likes to have better reach. Kiosks and Vending machine are one such proven solution to increase reach for companies’ product, enhance services and reduce expenditures. Bank ATM have in fact reduced their operational cost and trying to reduce footfall in banks thereby trying to reduce operation cost with IT and Software Systems for Customer Services.

• Bespoke Application for Operational Performance: There may be endless opportunities but somewhere we have to find out where the IT systems can help in leveraging the market potential or bring operational efficiency? For Example: Automobile companies use Automotive Insurance Platform to streamline the process of Insurance Claim Management, Policy Administration (Fresh Issuance, Renewals, Remittances, 64 VB etc.), Endorsements (Financial and Non-Financial), Accounting (Pay-in-slips, Payout computation and invoices to Insurers).

• In-Trend Mobile Applications for Customer Service Enhancement: Post recession, the trends have changed. In fact mobile applications are proving to be a disruptive technology for Customer Engagement. There are million and billion of smartphone users who spend majority of their time with Mobile for Surfing Internet, Finding useful information, online shopping, listening music social networking and many more activities for entertainment and work. Mobile applications are best medium for “In-Pocket Solution” for brand building, enhancing customer services and reaching out to leverage market opportunities. You may offer Mobile Applications for ordering products online, enhancing services, social engagement, personal utility and many more.

Ecommerce Application for Business Expansion: Business needs to be agile, flexible and resilient with changing consumer needs. Conclusively, it has sparked the demand for 24 X 7 Shopping with On-Demand Home Delivery. Ecommerce is on such solution to provide in-pocket store/Kiosk for the customer with liberty to order 24 X & through Online Portals using Laptop, Desktop and Smart Devices (Smartphones, Smart Tab).

You won’t imagine, there are ecommerce store just selling Mangoes online and making money out of it!!

• Share Point for Business Communication and Document Sharing: For large retail chains and places where Business Operations are scattered, the document and information is shared quiet often. It is not easy to identify the security breach during Information and Document sharing. In such organization, SharePoint Portal is handy application for prompt and secure document sharing. The levels can be defined with permission levels as per designation and Job responsibilities.

• CRM Applications: Customer Relation is very important as it is been studied 80% of the Companies come from 20 % of the customers who are source of repetitive business. One cannot afford to loose the customer in this competitive Business landscape. For Business entities like Hotels and Restaurants, Customer Services are very important. In order to manage the daily in-out of Customer, manual process can never be as efficient as a software system can. In post recession scenario, it has become very important to manage existing customers to have continuous stream of repetitive business for organization sustenance and development.

• Social Application/ Facebook Application: The way we engage with our customers has been transformed with emergence of Social Media. People like to spend lot of time in Social Networking in their daily routine. Companies are also jumping into this social web to left no stone unturned to build and enhance relationship with the existing and prospective customer. As an organization, you can develop Social Media Application to reach out to new audience which could be prospective Customer for your product and Services.

The recession has come up with lessons for Businesses to be more open and more learned to tackle different adversities. As a business entity, one should not rely to single source of communications, or orthodox processes of customer engagement and relationship building. Hence budget for creative media and custom software application development can help in overcoming Post Recession Consequences. The world is very dynamic and interdependencies should be controlled in a way that downfall in one sphere should not have strong implication on complete business. “Efficiency and Effectiveness” in Business processes must be sought all the time for Organizational Development and Growth.

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