Monday, 17 September 2012

6 Simple Ideas for Innovative Mobile App for Your Business Growth

We come across requests for Mobile Application Development from different Businesses. We also get excited when we understand innovative Ideas that erupt in mind of Business Professionals. It’s a fact that a person owning a business posses better knowledge and understanding about application of modern day technology and communication tools. Whether a small retailer, medium enterprise or big organization, everyone wants to implement mobile application for various business objectives that includes building customer engagement, customer satisfaction, increasing market share, increasing sales, enhancing customer experience, optimizing business processes etc. and are in need of quality mobile application developers.
Following are few Ideas for Mobile Application Development that may help you in your business:-

1.Beauty Tips
Genre: Informative App
Objective: Enhance Customer Engagement and Satisfaction
User: Beauty Parlors
Description: You may develop a Mobile App wherein you offer beauty tips for skin, the precautions to be taken etc. and can publish new ways to protect skin. You may add functionality wherein you advice the food intake as per season that can benefit customers.

2.Food Delivery
Genre: Business App
Objective: Increase Revenue and Enhance Customer Services
User: Restaurants
Description: The mobility has provided out of store and in pocket solution to customers. Consumers may prefer to sit back and order from comfort of their home. With such Mobile Application company can increase revenue by increasing number of orders through convenient Applications and Enhance customer services.

3.Daily Deals
Genre: Business App
Objective: Increase Market Share and Customer Engagement
User: Restaurants, Health Spa, Retailers etc.
Description: Indian Consumers are prone to Window shopping and they love to bargain. In a strategic move to highlight new products or to increase sales of specific products and services can go for customized mobile application development to keep your existing customers engaged in your brand by offering them attractive discounts. You may add functionality to share or tag on social networking sites and tagging sites. It will bring overall benefit comprising increased market share, customer services, market buzz etc.

4.Navigation and tracking App
Genre: Business App/ Personal App
Objective: Optimize resource to increase efficiency
User: Transporters, Radio Taxi Service Providers etc.
Description: This app is quiet popular yet to be implemented by many. We understand the utility of vehicle tracking system to ensure safe transit of passengers across terrains. With such app you may track down location and save time usually consumed in communication and job assignment. It may be used for personal vehicle tracking when chauffer is driving your vehicle.

5.Recipe Guide
Genre: Utility and Business App
Objective: Customer Services
User: Restaurants, Chefs, Magazines Publishers etc.
Description: In India, female spend time on Smartphone applications equivalent to male. It’s been observed women are engaged more in social media and informative apps. You may go for iPhone Application Development or Android Application Development with such application. The professional working women would like to try new things or even regular things through these mobile applications.

6.Education Games
Genre: Education with fun and entertainment
Objective: User Engagement and Performance enhancement
User: Play School & Schools
Description: Indian education system is developing with good pace and more emphasize is now given on overall development instead of what it was earlier that focused on educational and academic development. As a school or play school you can go for iPad Application Development or Android Application Development for Tabs that may give education and entertainment together. The availability of E Learning Chapters on Tabs may increase interest level.

I have given few ideas wherein I have not given detailed application, functionality and features that can enhance the utility of Mobile Application for your enterprise because it may vary with individual Business Process. My attempt is to bring out ideas from organizations itself for Mobile Application Development and its application for Business Processes and Customer Engagement.

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