Monday, 28 January 2013

Demand of Mobile Apps in India

Smartphone usage in India is continuously increasing and so is the acceptability of mobile apps for personal and business usage. Diverse category of Smartphone applications ranging from local based Navigation & Tracking Applications, Social Networking applications to Business applications, the user base is continuously increasing all smartphone applications.

According to Report of Research2Guidnace, an independent mobile industry market research and consultancy provider, “India is slated to become one of the biggest players in the global app market by 2016, overtaking leading smartphone app markets such as the US, and five Western European Union countries”.

India being an outsourcing hub of software development is gaining competence in mobile app development. At present, there are 9,000 app development companies in India. According to a Nasscom report, most of these were launched during the last three years. The availability of mobile app developers at affordable prices is motivating factor for business enterprises, both small and big, to leverage the benefit of mobile apps to reach into customer pockets and enhance services and consumer base.

The Largest research organization for Internet and Mobile usage in India, Internet and Mobile Association in India (IAMAI), also expect considerable increase in Mobile Application in Indian Market in near future. According to Gaurav Chopra, associate vice-president, Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI),” In the near future, every business enterprise will need a mobile app, given that the usage of smartphones and mobile internet is growing rapidly”

In an interview, Mr. Gaurav also said, “Business apps or enterprise-based mobile apps market in terms of sale value will grow tremendously in India. It will outclass the market for consumer apps such as “What’s-app and Google Maps””.

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Factors that are driving demand for mobile apps in India:

1. Increasing usage of Smartphones and Smart Devices in India

2. Increase in Disposable Income

3. Surging Internet Penetration in India

4. Increasing Penetration of 3G Network in India

5. Acceptability of Social Networking concepts in India

Challenges before Smartphone App Usage in India:

1. Lack of Awareness about Usage in India

2. Lack of Regional Language Support

3. Low penetration in Rural India

As a business enterprise, you may delve into more to find out ways to increase customer base, stakeholders’ convenience and suppliers’ connectivity with mobile applications. For example, one of the leading fast food retail chain got developed Android Based Application for Smart Devices to book order from customer desk. The application helped to reduce Chaos and helped to extend POS (Point of Sale) Counter. Companies are introducing application to enhance user experience through Ecommerce Applications through Smartphones.

All in all, it’s only you to delve more to find out, how mobile application are to be developed for varied business objectives. As far as, demand is concerned, there is a significant possibility of Business Enhancement with Mobile Apps.


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