Sunday, 7 October 2012

Things for Interactive E Commerce Application

1. Landing Page: It’s in demand and becoming necessary also. With Online Advertisement and PPC, It becomes very important to make a very good impression on customer with your e commerce website design. Aesthetically designed landing page can entice customer to go for the next pages. Remember to claim in landing page what you really offer.

2. User Interface: It’s the most basic thing required for buying user time on e-commerce solutions that everyone organizations thinks to provide yet gets confused to provide the same. Hitting the bull’s-eye with best offering which is in Demand and also profit making for Business. It will produce impetus for consumer to dig in more into the website.

3. Online Chat Box: It is good to integrate a chat box on your ecommerce website design. It helps you convert visits on your website into conversions. The online chat box may help the user for clearing possible confusion in his mind. Assistance with 24 Hours of helpline is always a plus Point!!

4. Social Media Widgets: Everyone is active in so called Social Media Bubble these days. It becomes trend if it’s of worth. As a business organization, try and open discussion on every product you offer and give its integration with Social Media Channels. All people to share with friends, family through email, Social Websites etc. Observations: - which is India’s one of the biggest retail giant recently advertised about its reply back on twitter within 10 minutes. The company is actively present on Social Media Channels and focusing on Prompt Customer Services.

5. Build Online Reputation: With accessibility of online medium, there is urgency for Online Reputation Management Also. Your product/ Services can get viral for Positive and Negative remarks both. Establish a complaint cell on all Online medium where you have presence and actively think to respond on daily basis. You should be sporting to listen about your mistakes. It will help you improvise your services.


This website finds real time discussion about keyword, topic, and brand across universe on Social Media Websites. It bifurcate the view points into positive and negatives

6. Feedback Form: It’s a recurring practice that businesses need to understand its importance. A feedback is a mirror image to your service offerings and proactive step to aggrandize the quality commitment in services Offered.

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