Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Self Introspect for Creative Mobile Application Development for your Business

Let’s try to understand how we can give value to the Mobile App for our Small Business Venture that can encash the resurgence of smartphone users in India and increasing usage of Mobile Application. First Step is to ask our self the following question before going for Mobile App:-
1. What should be my objective of Introducing a Mobile APP?
2. Whether I should focus on Customer Engagement or Brand Building or Process Improvisation?
3. Do the clients to whom I cater will really engage more through Mobile App?
4. What could be the most useful thing to my clients of regular usage related to my Business which will engage them?
5. Does Mobile APP I am thinking to get developed is similar to what I offer on Website? Then what is the need or why cant I make a responsive website design for everything?
6. Should I introduce with commercial objective of enhancing sales?
7. Why one will be interested in preferring mobile app for Sales Perspective?
8. If I want to enhance sales, what product categories and interface I will keep? A complete product inventory or selective product offerings?
9. Should I think for localized services through Mobile App?

The above questions are quiet Generic but may vary with industry, Business and Organization


Its easy to ask questions but really difficult to answer few of them. That is what I am trying to highlight. No doubt, mobile applications are in trend and these could really help you to engage with clients, customers, build brand and finally convert them as prospect buyers. The entire thing is only possible when you have something valuable to offer for that one need to think for creative and unique product position Ideas that is different from orthodox way of Brand Positioning.
The Mobile Application should be unique and like a game where the users love to engage and not been thought by anyone. In India, Mobile Application Development is on nascent stages where in only Big organizations are coming up with big budgeted Applications for example, live streaming video, GPS navigation, Localized Services, Deals and Mobile Commerce etc. Your business need to thing fresh ideas for light weight mobile applications that even have a single functionality but fondness of many users.
One needs to dig in to certain extent and put himself in shoes of End user to come up with an Idea, what could engage and bind to use it again and again.

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