Friday, 12 October 2012

Mobile App usage in India – Eye Opener for Organizations!!

With the penetration of Smartphone and internet enables mobile phones, the Mobile Applications and Mobile Websites have witnessed surge in its usage opening up a new window for Companies to enhance their market share with Utility mobile application development company that can offer great assistance to prospective and existing users that may increase customer satisfaction. India has witnessed strong growth in usage of Mobile phones over past decade emulating the traditional landline phones. The same trend is seen for Smartphone usage and Mobile Applications. Indian Youth is finding the mobile applications quiet useful for shopping and gathering product updates. According to eBay India Mobile Commerce Survey Mobile Assisted Commerce (MAC) has grown to a new level as over 94% of Indian smartphone users access the internet on their mobile. The study of eBay says that 68% of users have made an online purchase using their smartphones. Youths are the driving market for m-commerce and the survey reads that gadgets are the most popular online purchases. Over 68% of mobile internet users have bought gadgets on their smartphone followed by 40% who have bought clothes and footwear and 34% who have bought books.

It is been observed that m-commerce is proving to be an extension of service desk for ecommerce portals and local retailers. The people like to surf about product and related information on internet using their smartphone itself before they go for purchase. 84% of the M-commerce users use their smart phones to check product prices. 65% users used it to locate a store, 57% users researched product features before making a purchase, 55% of users looked for deals and 48% users said that they checked product availability. Samsung & Nokia (40% each) are the smartphone of choice for the mobile Indians. The iPhone (17%) is the third most popular smartphone brand.

All this depicts, mobile apps are proving to be an out of store and in pocket shopping facility to consumers these days and they are also happy to follow the trend with convenience. It would not be wrong to say, people are no more willing to make shopping as burden and time consuming activity. They like to find things whenever hey like and not willing adopt time bound shopping.

Businesses need to think to give the best experience and easy accessibility of their store, products, services, facilities etc. Small or large enterprise, all have their specific needs and scope to enhance consumer services by adopting the new medium where in Mobile Application Development is the current trend. India being an IT hub has pool of iphone applications development Why to wait in this competitive world? You may give your business a better push by adopting latest trends!!

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