Thursday, 24 January 2013

Quick Guide to Develop and Market Blackberry Mobile Applications

Blackberry Mobile phones are one of the best smartphones with its widespread acceptance as Business Phone for personal and office planner. In one of the blackberry survey results cited in blog of, 33% of BlackBerry owners use their phones mostly or only for business purposes, compared with just 20% of all smartphone users. Also, BlackBerry was much more likely – in 2 out of 3 cases – to be the smartphone brand chosen by companies for their employees.

Even though there is rage in Smartphone usage of multiple brands giving tough competition to blackberry, still considerable amount of users prefer blackberry for Business purposes. You got to have a Mobile Application development for Blackberry Smartphones to target one of the niches Business Class Users. Being an Ecommerce venture thinking to offer a smartphone application to users, or a social networking website, you have to have Applications for Blackberry Smartphones to reach to target prospects.

Quick Guide for Development:-

There are two different ways you can develop for Blackberry:-

1. Using Java Development Environment (JDE): The java environment is preferred when you want application to work independently from Blackberry solutions (BIS – Blackberry Internet Services, BES – Blackberry enterprise Service) to give rich user experience.

2. Using MDS Simulator: It is best suited when you require your app to communicate with BIS, Email, other internet based services which require access to Blackberry backend to operate it.

As a developer, you require the framework with emulators and simulators to test the functionality of an application before it is installed onto devices or network. Be it a JDE or MDS to develop Blackberry application, the framework should includes access to enterprise features that are used for desktop and server application development, so you have more freedom when creating and coding.

How to Sell You Blackberry Application?

Blackberry launched the APP world in 2009 and this is the best platform to showcase your application to millions of users across the globe. Any application packaged as a cod file (using the BlackBerry JDE, JDE Plug-in for Eclipse and JDE component package) can be marketed through App World. It must comply with the store’s Vendor Guidelines. In addition submitted apps must not violate the T&Cs of the BlackBerry SDK License agreement.

“BlackBerry App World provides a fantastic new resource for consumers and an equally exciting progression of business opportunities for our developer and carrier partners,” said Jim Balsillie, RIM’s co-chief executive, when App World launched.

Developers will need to visit the Mobile App World Vendor Portal and register in order to submit their chosen app for approval.

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