Thursday, 3 January 2013

SEO For Mobile Applications, How?

Have you ever seen New Search option on Google – “Applications”? You know this would be the game changer of search engine practices in the near future. As SEO’s are facing very challenges for keywords ranking in “Search” option after several algorithm updates of search engine giant “Google”, this option is very useful, if your business have mobile application on app stores and you want maximum revenue from your business app.

Year 2012 was the year for development of Mobile Applications and rate of number of applications developed in 2012 was very much higher than previous years. But after investing thousands $ for mobile app development, one cannot generate revenue from app, if it is not the mobile devices of targeted users. As most of the users download their apps from different online app stores including Google Play, iTunes, App Brain, cnet etc.

So, what if you app ranked in google search results? You will get maximum clicks and conversion rate than you competitor. So here SEO For Mobile Applications comes in action with New Search option on Google – “Applications”. Yes, this is the opportunity for every app owner to see their app on search results of google and top ranks in “Application” section.

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Under the New Search option on Google – “Applications”, most of the results are from Google Play and iTunes. So, if your app is already in these two stores, it is good sign for you but how to maximise the probability for your app to rank in top results? SEO For Mobile Applications is very important but SEO practices are not same here as for websites. These practices need very careful and continuous plan. As this features is very new, so no of experienced SEO in the domain are very few. So be careful while hiring a consultant or agency for effective SEO For Mobile Applications.

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