Monday, 12 August 2013

Why to invest in Android and iPhone Mobile Apps for Retail Industry?

Retailers these days are figuring out ways that can enable cross-channel marketing and sales, increase customer conversion and drive brand awareness to ensure a long-term strategic success. Especially for large retailers, it’s a challenge to come up with new ideas and new ways to communicate their products and offers.

Lot many big retailers have moved towards ecommerce and mobility solutions as their long term strategic move to connect directly with customer 24 X 7 but there are many small and mid size retailers along with few big retailers, who have been in dilemma to accept the mobile optimized channel for enhancing user shopping experience because of unclear mobile retail strategy, lack of customers’ mobile demographics, inexperience in marketing mobile medium etc.

Here are few points that show importance of Mobile Apps for Retailers for long term success:-

1. Customers’ expectations for In-Pocket Solution: Smartphones are the best pals for all of us today as it connects us to our loved ones but also large chunk population use smartphone for varied applications that assists in completing important in minutes, sitting at a place or on the move. Customer wants to cut short their time and want everything at their doorstep with a touch of a button. Smartphones are emerging as single source point for completing majority of our daily tasks.

2. Efficient replacement for orthodox Sales Process: Gone are the days where people like to stand and wait for their turn in front of Ordering Kiosk. Everybody seeks efficient process especially with mobility to order anytime, from anywhere. Following are few Mobile App ideas:-

a. Product Catalogue Application: An app that gives details of a product in store on clicking the image.

b. Point of Sales Application: Extension of Point of Sales kiosk (especially in food court) directly at customers’ desk for ordering food and billing then and there.

c. Retail application for Service Center: Car Retailers and Service center can mobile apps to enhance customer experience in finding service center and booking service for your vehicle. Customer will not go anywhere when the service center is in his pocket.

d. Mobility Billing Solution for Field Sales Team: Enterprise like banking and finance company can use mobility solutions to issue receipts against payments made by customers at their home. Also, mobility can help channel sales manager accept big payment through credit and debit cards at vendors place.

3. You competitors are getting close to customer: It is also very important to implement latest technological solutions in organizational process to bring efficiency and effectiveness at par with competitors.

Some 83 percent of the top retailers offer at least one mobile application, according to IT consulting firm Cognizant. In some ways, this means that retailers that don’t have mobile applications are already behind. So, it is worthful to invest in Android and iPhone Mobile Apps Development for retail industry.

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