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14 Types of Google's Knowledge Graph Search Results

The Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base of more than 570 million objects and 18 billion facts in semantic network about relationships between different objects based on search queries . Technology of Knowledge Graph has the ability to distinguish between words with different meanings and a sidebar provides a snippet of related facts with relationships to other objects.

SEO for Knowledge Graph Search Results

However it is not so easy to manipulate the knowledge graph search results of Google as Google is driving information in the Knowledge Graph from CIA World Factbook, Freebase, and Wikipedia. These are the very trusted sources of information on the web and listing or creating a page about your brand, products is not so easy task, unless you have well established brand or strong identity in the market. One could start with Wikipedia page of brand or products, but it required well researched facts and figures in the quality content to get approval from Wikipedia. If you get success, you can further add more information about your related products and these product may be display in the knowledge graph related searches.

Types of Snippets For Knowledge Graph

Let us list different types of knowledge graph search results as these results snippets could be different for different types of products,industry, brand, place, person or other objects. According to my knowledge and research, i found 14 types of knowledge graph search results for different search queries.

1.Basic Knowledge Graph

2.Related Searches Knowledge Graph

3.Google Reviews/Zagat Ratings Knowledge Graph

4.Flight Status Form Knowledge Graph

5.Aroma Base Knowledge Graph

6.Celebrity Bio Knowledge Graph

7.Event Knowledge Graph

8.Songs Knowledge Graph

9.Albums Knowledge Graph

10.Movie Box Knowledge Graph

11.Book Box Knowledge Graph

12.Image Box Knowledge Graph

13.Geo-Graphic Information Knowledge Graph

14.Medical Information Knowledge Graph

15.Drug Information Knowledge Graph

16.Nutrition Information Knowledge Graph

So, if your object get list in the knowledge graph database, you may see one of the above mentioned snippet for your object in the search results of Google.

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Yashpal Singh working at Binary Semantics as SEO Analyst, has great knowledge about the the semantic search technology and search analytic.

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