Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mobile Application Development Services in India – Benefits

India holds second largest mobile user in the world and is one of the fastest growing market. As the mobile reaches to more and more people, the demand for more than basic services such as calling and texting features are growing. Yes, we are talking about recent disrupt caused by Mobile Apps, 3G Data Streaming and Value Added Services. Today more people are using internet through their mobile phone then people using on computer or laptops.

With the advancement in chip design technologies that gave rise to so called smart-phone segment, which is more like minicomputer, the usage of mobility is beyond just calling and texting. The increased processing power, acceptability of Omni present operating systems and utility of Mobile Apps has created a whole new segment of Mobile application development in software industry. Today one can find any and every kind of application developed for mobile platform.

Mobile application development is very much in vogue, as the software hub for whole world, India emerge as one of the most active mobile application development center. Many companies are developing cutting edge mobile apps for their clients. With abundance of talent in the country and past prowess in software segment, India can offer best and still possibly cost effective mobile application development services.

Benefits of choosing India for Mobile application development.

1. Abundance of talented software professionals and experience in software development makes it ideal to have mobile application development partner.

2. Lot of competition among software development companies, so one can choose best among the rest who fit the requirement criteria.

3. As the hub of software development for entire world, companies are tuned to provide 24x7 support to their clients.

4. As the fastest growing mobile market in the world, most companies choose India for their mobile application development base to not only cater to Indian market but to the rest of the world.

5. Companies in India can provide that valuable and quality application in fraction of money than other countries.

About Binary Semantics:

Binary Semantics is client-centric global software development and mobile app Development Company with experience history of more than 27 years. We have served clients spread across the global leading in different industrial segments. We try to harness the complete potential of your IT investment and deliver solution that can bring synergy. With our immense experience and domain expertise, we are competent to provide Cost-Effective solution suitable to one’s budget.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Software Development Companies: Things you must check

There are Thousands of software development companies across the globe, from small to large as per their employee strength. Choosing a right software development company for breakthrough technological intervention in existing business process, for automation of business system or for specific business objective is a very daunting task. With regular updates and introduction of disruptive technologies, it is always a before organizations to develop a software solution that doesn’t get obsolete, posing a challenge of re-investment for re-development, migration or porting so as to enable the existing systems become compatible with latest technologies. It is very critical to build right solution that should not bring and enforce too much change in existing process and simultaneously enhance the productivity. The risk associated with all these challenges is managed by the service provider you choose which can harness the complete potential of your IT investment.

Things you must check before choosing a software development company.

Company’s expertise in related domain: First research about the company’s history and its experience in the software development, especially in required domain area. Most companies specialize in specific domain areas and understand the customer psyche to suggest them the best solutions. So follow the company collateral and do ask for reference projects. Do take time to read and understand Case studies mentioned in company profile.

Commitment towards their customers: Custom Software development or bespoke application development is very dedicated and committed job. You should gauge the commitment through success indicators of previous projects completed. (Timely delivery of project, process methodologies it follows, support they provide etc.)

Process Methodology and Proficiency in wide variety of technologies: Software Development Company to be hired should have expertise in various technologies and should have work experience for the same. Team of Developers and Project Managers is most critical In IT sector, especially in software development field. You should check employees’ expertise in technologies, designing and implementation as per requirements. You should thoroughly analyze the approach of the company

Communication between client and development team: Communication is key for any project to get completed with minimum cost and time overrun. The company should understand the client requirements and provide solutions for those requirements and keep client in loop on various stages of the software development so that if there is need arise to incorporate change or update certain features for betterment of the solution, it can be easily implemented.

Support structure: Software Development require constant updates and upgrades, customer and product support is very critical to enable the longevity of the solution with latest technologies. A knowledgeable partner can help you sail through disrupt caused by latest technologies, by suggesting cost-effective product improvisation.

Pricing: Pricing is one of the major factor should be looked into when selecting software development company as pricing may vary. One should not always follow Cost-Based Criteria, rather in Software Development, Cost-Quality Based Criteria should be preferred.