Sunday, 25 May 2014

Globalization Through Localization

In today’s era of globalization every organization tends to become a global market leader to increase its presence across the globe and off course for the increased profit margins. But before entering into any region, an organization needs to present its products, services etc. in such a way that the local people of that region should be able to understand completely without any ambiguity. Here comes into play the role of Localization in making an organization global.

Localization not only includes Translation but also the usage of local drawings, figures, colors etc. to give cultural flair and to make the local people understand and attract them. Suppose if an organization needs to advertise its products or services either by digital media or by distributing published pamphlets in China where the maximum population does not understand English language, organization would need to use the of the local language of China to make people understand.

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