Friday, 13 July 2012

“Change the status quo; expand your consumer reach with mobility platform!!”

Emergence of smartphone like iPhone, Blackberry; Android etc. have revolutionized the user experience. Also, the intuitive entertainment and informative features comprising multimedia streaming, Information access, Value added Services and Data Services have raised consumer expectations. The customer use smartphones not just for communication but also use it as digital assistant to manage all their activities whether professional or personal entertainment.
It is incessantly becoming in use for utility driven services in rural India apart from high end communication and entertainment services in Urban India. As the penetration of 3G will increase, the demand for Mobile Value added Services and Mobile Applications for entertainment and utility services will also increase.
It has emerged as disruptive solution for consumer experience and expectation from mobile phones. Hence, it has generated need for Businesses to change the status quo and deliver enhanced out-of-store experience and In-pocket solution. It is estimated that the Mobile VAS demand is expected to touch 48,000 crore by 2015.
If we will notice, Mobile apps are in demand for variable enterprise objectives. It has given a new channel to businesses to reach and extend services to customers. But there are few things to be taken care before development so as to harness the complete potential of Investment made in its development.  

 Followings are the challenges before client:-

  •  Ease of Navigation:- A user friendly application with minimal use of typing
  • Filtered Display of Functionality and features
  • Experienced personnel to understand requirement and selectively map the required functionality and feature.
  • Application with Realistic out of Store Experience for users.
  •   Minimum Application Loading time.
  •   Interactive application for purposeful user engagement.
  • Access to enterprise wide application through a lightweight web service call

Businesses have following option in Mobile Platform to expand their consumer reach and engagements:-

1.       Mobile Website: Business can get website developed that are accessible on smartphone. It will give great user experience to customers while accessing the information about company.
2.       M-commerce application: - After e-commerce, it is m-commerce application that everyone believe will change the shopping experience. Business offering m commerce application with payment options for enterprise business can get edge over competitors. This can facilitate 24X7 Out of Store Experience to consumers.
3.        Enterprise Applications: - Enterprise applications are tailor made solutions that is for organization which want to leverage the mobility advantage in their business and operational processes.  Business can give Value added Services integrating it with their enterprise application.
4.       Interactive Mobile Applications: - Nowadays, proactive businesses are moving towards interactive marketing for user engagement into brand and leverage continuous benefits from consumers through building relationship. Business can get developed interactive application that can help them bridge the gaps and provide better services.
Binary Semantics develop all such mobile applications for business to achieve their business objectives. We focus on providing user friendly applications that gives best solution within their investment budgets. We can develop applications on various platforms like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian that can be integrated with any enterprise application.

Lets all harness the advantage of mobility to make our businesses expand consumer reach and grow on Business Landscape. 

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