Thursday, 26 July 2012

Analytics for Business Decision Making

“There is a difference in seeing things from different perspective; Analytics help you see the right perspective”

We all are living in an era, where information and technology have not only eased many things but have brought various businesses on competitive landscape. There are challenges before decision makers and Business Analytics professionals to comprehend pile of information and data to suggest future course of action to the upper management.  Consequently, it has generated need to utilize Analytics and Business Intelligence software products to utilize the data and information for proactive and rational decision making.

Be it for financial analysis, risk analysis, predictive modeling, Quality Analysis or optimization, the industry leaders, decision makers and Business Analysis professionals faces challenges in harnessing the Business related information in suggesting the possible course of actions for Business Growth and Competence. For such professionals, the advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics software has eased the decision making through processed information and simulation they provide. The software ensures certainty in Strategic Decision Making Process.

 Every Business wants to grow, but the necessary requisite for growth is to understand the lessons from past activities, optimizing the existing processes and predicting the future scenarios. For such requisite, businesses are required to comprehend processes and digest the specific business related information. Business Analytics Software is one such tool that assists in bringing certainty in Business Decision Making by comprehending and simulating the information and data through calculations. It enables you to Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control your service, transactional, and manufacturing processes.
Business Intelligence and Analytics Software helps in tactical decision making for your business objectives and helps in gaining a competitive edge under even the most uncertain market conditions. The practice of using analytics across all the functional areas of business enterprises is been suggested by market leaders across all industries. Organizations can apply simple statistics for day to day operational optimization, where as there are other options comprising Predictive Modeling and Risk Analysis that are been used by industry leaders in identifying and devising there long term action plan for competence in operations customer management and research.

Even Business accumulates huge data, which for simple analytics software with limitations in applying rules becomes difficult to solve the problem. There are advanced statistical tools that can transform undifferentiated data into insight and understanding, driving better decision making and increasing competitive advantage.

Following are the few of the software that helps in bringing certainty in Business Decision making:-
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