Thursday, 16 August 2012

6 ways Mobile Applications can Help In your Business

1.      Enterprise Application:- Customized Mobile Applications Development for smartphone or Mobile devices can assist in your business process. There are many Mobile Applications that businesses are using for their in house processes.

Application in this Category: - Android Based Point of Sales (POS) Android Application Development team of Binary Semantics prepared an Android Based Mobile application for leading food retail chain in India to extend their point of Sales facility to customer Desk. Application is installed on Android based Tab attached with printer with which the user can book order right from customer desk and can present bill through portable printer.

2.      Enhance Customer Relation: - From marketing perspective, Social Media can be used to offer discounts and offers to your customers’ and also engaging customers into your business by asking valuable suggestions/opinions/preferences etc. Android App Developer is required to equip a business with customized applications that can offer communication platform to give prompt response to customer query and thereby build relationship with the customer.
Application in this category: - Social Media Apps

3.      GPS Navigation and Tracking:- The GPS tracking and Navigation Applications are quiet popular for transport Industry and travellers. The Navigation facility can be used to find places and effortlessly move to the destination. Whereas, tracking application are very much in use for Fleet Operators to track the real time location of the vehicles during transit. The application with handy features is quiet Beneficial for Radio Taxi Service Providers, BPO Cab Operators, and Transporters etc.

Application in this category: - Fleet Robo - Vehicle Tracking Solution

4.      Multimedia Communication: - There are lot many applications in market which specifically give platform for personal and professional communication during transit from one place to another. The exchange of Multimedia comprising Audio and Image files has helped Business in pacing the information transfer for business Decision Making.

Application in this Category: - What’s APP, Customized Applications for closed group communication.

5.      Payment processing through Credit and Debit Card on movement: - Security Enhanced transaction could be made through merchant banker on your smartphone.  While you are in field to take orders or in open terrain of food court in mall, payment for the order could be processed through your smart phone or mobile device with internet. Immediate billing is convenient through portable printer.
Such applications are very useful and beneficial that provides opportunities to businesses to do business anytime and anywhere.

Applications in this category:-
·        Merchant WARE Mobile
·        Flagship ROAM Pay Merchant Services
·        I Terminal
·        Square

6.      Remote Information Management and Sharing:-
There are many Smartphone apps that assist you in remote access to documents so that you could edit them on the move and share documents.

·        Primadesk
·        Air Sharing
·        PocketCloud Explore
·        LogMeIn

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