Thursday, 25 July 2013

Why You Need to Invest in Mobile Website For Your Business?

As an internet marketing consultant, I surprise to see the traffic stats for the website of my client because mobile website traffic graph is growing at 3 times more than traffic graph for desktop visitors. As, I researched the detailed stats of website and market, I realized it is all due to mobile phones and data plans get cheaper. Hence there are more mobile devices shipment in the world than desktops.


It is very clear from the above trends that mobile devices are growing at a rapid rate and 3G data providers like Reliance Communication are luring more and more 3G internet users from the Indian market by offering 3G data plans at very affordable rates comparable to 2G plans. It is win-win situation from both users and provider. It is very clear mobile internet user are growing at a rapid rate and there are downward trend desktop website visitors.

So, are you ready to face the challenge, what your business may face in very near future, or you are facing!! At the end of 2013, 20% of internet traffic is projected to be mobile so any how every business should have mobile optimized website to feed visitors with a great user experience.

e-Commerce is Shifting to m-Commerce

Ecommerce industry is also facing challenge to retain the customers and  observing continuous fall in desktop based translations as their rivals are observing continuous growth in mobile based transactions. For a live example study the below mentioned trends of mobile transactions for Groupon, who observe 45% mobile translations on mobile at the starting of in 2013 as compared to 14% mobile translations in year 2011. We (Digital Marketing Department) also received a lots of consultation queries for the same and we encourage businesses to invest in m-Commerce and optimized mobile website development, for future jackpot ! :)

News on Mobiles

To know more “ what news companies are thinking about investment mobile website development”, I met with a number of journalists. But, I was very strange to know that they are thinking visitors wouldn't want to spend the time reading their long form content on a mobile device. When i asked why they are thinking this way, i found it was only there assumption not real tracking stats because they mind that mobile traffic only visits websites "on the go."

But as I researched for stats for News on Mobiles, I realized their is very much potential for News on Mobiles, but a great mobile website design required. For as live example,” Great mobile website of The New York Times receive 1/3 of its traffic from mobile devices. With a user friendly UI design of mobile website, mobile visitors will be able to read news, blog and articles sitting on the bus, riding up elevators, and waiting in store lines.

Education On Mobiles

Online education is very trendy and growing at rapid rate. Few days back in India IITs, Nasscom and some software industry giant like TCS, Infosys came forward to a launch online computer science professional course free of cost for students from all over the world.

Moreover Project Aakash Tablet is India's dream project to teach masses through mobile devices. However to utilize the full potential of mobile devices there should be mobile optimized education portals, so Education on Mobiles is great business in coming future. From govt initiatives and below mentioned stats, you can easily understand the requirement of investment in mobile optimized education portals development.

Conclusion: Today,I discussed and present information with stat for Shopping, Education and News, which are 3 necessary element of our daily routine life. I hope you understand the role of mobiles for to access these 3 elements and their future growth. There are many more area where mobiles are getting involve, so as a businessman you seriously think about investment a fraction of % of your business assets for mobile website and mobile marketing strategy.

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Yashpal Singh

Digital Marketing Department

Binary Semantics Limited, Gurgaon

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Risk Analysis Software

Did you know, what are the critical factors in your Business that are affecting risk?

Are your still following the intuitive business decision making to drive your business and expecting it to lead the business landscape which is getting competitive like never before. 21st Century is an era of Information Age, where everything is dependent on Business related information you posses. Beyond that, the real success depends on capability to analyze the Data and Information related to Business.

Often as a business enterprise, you are dealt with various risk analysis and risk management tasks. What are all those critical factors that affect risk and subsequently your business decision, it is very important to get clear picture about the same? With ever increasing Data and Business Information, you can no more depend and take decision on your Institutions. Definitely, Risk Analysis and Business Analytics are the solution for such challenges in Business decision making.

How Risk Analysis Software – Oracle Crystal Ball can be helpful?

Before discussion benefits of Risk Analysis Software, I want to write down few things which financial analysts, consultants, business managers, business analysts and business analyst are dealt with on day to day basis:-

a. “WHAT IF” Risk Analysis: On daily bases, it’s the responsibility of analysts to find out critical factors that can affect risk. What is we opt in Project A instead of Project B? What if I create Warehouse at Location A instead of Location B? These are important questing to be answered to decide.

b. Forecasting: It is a very broad term, it could be related to project planning, material requirement, business sales performance, manufacturing, budgeting etc. It is very critical to forecast precisely, the future requirements and scenario, in order to plan well in advance and minimize the risk associated with uncertainties.

c. Correlated Assumption: We have to find out extent of dependencies on various factors and how much it can affect our performance.

d. Constraint Based Performance: We have to identify and measure the affect on performance under set of defined constraints.

It takes lot of time if we start manually calculating by applying all the mathematical and statistical analysis techniques, rather there is maximum possibility that we shy away investing time in calculations and get strayed away by intuitive and behavioral decision making which in comparison to analytics, is less precise and less certain.

Benefits of Oracle Crystal Ball Risk Analysis Software:-

Forecasting with Crystal Ball makes your decision 95% certain using following techniques:-

• Advanced mathematical functions e.g. forecasts, budgets, project plans, order quantities etc.

• Constraint based decision optimizer

• Simulation using real historical data

• Identify Risk & business drivers

Insight of Oracle Crystal Ball – Risk Analysis Software:-

Monte Carlo Simulation
Does: Calculates multiple scenarios of a spreadsheet model automatically
Benefits: Frees users from the constraints of estimates and best-guess values
Distribution Gallery
Does: Provides an intuitive interface for selecting model input variables; includes 16 discrete and continuous distributions plus custom distribution
Benefits: Simplifies the quantifying of risk, means you don't have to enter the distribution formula into Excel
Categories of Distributions

Does: Create predefined distributions, modify your existing distributions and organize them using custom categories
Benefits: Create your own library of distributions, organized in categories. Re-use distributions from one project to the next
Publish and Subscribe Feature for Categories
Does: Publish categories and share with many users
Benefits: Work as a team sharing models and data to get your work done faster
Process Capability Features 
Does: Define spec limits (LSL, USL and Target) in your forecasts; calculate capability metrics and view simulation results and metrics together in one split-view chart.
Benefits: With capability metrics in Crystal Ball you simplify your workflow and better integrate simulation into your Six Sigma and Quality methodology
Forecast Charts

Does: Graphically display simulation results and statistics
Benefits: Allows users to track and analyze thousands of possible outcomes; charts are interactive
Split-View charts

Does: View forecast charts, descriptive statistics and capability metrics side-by-side on the same chart. Enable up to 6 charts and tables in one view
Benefits: One chart tells the whole story
Sensitivity and Tornado Analyses

Does: Two separate methods for identifying the most critical model input variables
Benefits: Enable users to focus on high-risk model input variables
Distribution Fitting

Does: Uses historical data for defining assumptions
Benefits: Allows users to customize model input variables based on real-world results

Does: Models dependencies between uncertain input variables
Benefits: Provides more accurate modeling and forecasting
Charting and Reporting

Does: Automates report generation, includes the ability to overlay forecasts and to project trends through time
Benefits: Creates clear analysis and presentation of all forecasts, improves communication with colleagues, management, and clients
Precision Control

Does: Provides advanced simulation capabilities
Benefits: Increases simulation accuracy and flexibility; saves time
Latin Hypercube Sampling

Benefits: Samples regularly across distribution, excellent for simulations with restriction on number of trials
Data extraction

Does: Exports data from Crystal Ball memory
Benefits: Allows users to examine individual simulation results and transfer results to other software programs
CB Tools

Does: Macro-driven tools that use Crystal Ball; Includes scenario analysis, decision table, tornado chart, correlation matrices, 2D-simulation, batch fit, and boot strap
Benefits: Automates modeling processes with effortless and powerful tools
Microsoft Certification
Does: Certified Excel macro provider
Benefits: Eliminates security concerns

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