Monday, 30 December 2013

Binary Semantics participated BIG FM Daryadilli Activity to donate Warm Clothes to Needful People

We always hope and pray for wellbeing at the beginning of the New year, but there is a section of our society deprived of Wellbeing and needs to be supported for their livelihood and to avail the basic necessities.

This Fall Season and New Year, Binary Semantics as part of companies’ corporate social responsibility donated warm clothes to help the Needful People. It was a collective effort with employee participation where everyone tried maximum to donate for this special cause.

Binary Semantics tied-up with BIG FM – Daryadilli to organize a short handover Activity. The collected clothes were handover to NGO Goonj, which is known for community services for needful children and women.

Earlier, Binary Semantics contributed one day salary for Uttarakhand Flood Relief and time again looks for such opportunities of Corporate Social Responsibility. During the Handover activity Jagjyot Singh, Manager Corporate Communication said, “I thank all the employees, BIG FM and NGO Goonj for being part of this activity as this is something which everyone should try and participate maximum.”

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Application Migration: What are the Challenges you should understand before deciding legacy Migration?

Application migration is a process of porting application programs from current operating environment to another environment. Migrations of applications to newer environment is delicate process, as applications designed for specific operating environment bound to throw problems when migrating to different environment. Whenever we decide for migration from existing legacy system to newer system, lot many factors are to be taken care so that it should not affect the process of operation.

Application Migration Challenges:

Most application programs are designed for specific operating environment to perform and porting or migrating to targeted platform and to achieve same functionalities and performance is a big challenge.

Even on cloud platform, applications developed aren’t portable and various cloud platforms such as Azure of Windows, Google App engine can’t be easily migrated to one another and suppose to work on the platform they are developed on. Elements to look into while doing application migration such as operating system, management tools, networking architecture, storage systems, virtual configurations, programming language all are different from those the application developed upon and to understand these elements and overcome emerging issues is major challenge for migrating any application program to other environment.

Another challenge is to choose the targeted environment, need to thoroughly understand the environment to where application programme to be migrated. Few of the factors you should check in new environment before deciding existing migrations:

1.Ease of Migration: It should not pose enough challenge that you feel it efficient to develop a new solution. One should endeavour to get maximum out of the existing system while migration to newer system.

2.Cost Burden: The Migration should not dent your pocket and must harness the complete potential of investment made.

3.Life of Newer Environment: During posting of existing legacy system, one should completely understand life and compatibility of newer environment so that it should work for long term and doesn’t pose immediate requirement for up-gradation again and again.

4.Understand Existing Capability: If you have technical team to manage the application in-house, one should understand the bearings on resource requirement for managing the application on newer environment.

5.Understand Future requirement: The existing application is compatible for 100 users and in future the user strength increases to 300. At that time, one should understand need of Migration. One should understand and decide existing application up-gradation or porting to robust environment which can easily allow increasing no. of users in future also.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Webinar : Oracle Crystal Ball Software

Oracle Crystal Ball is a simulation program for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization. It helps you to analyze the risk and uncertainties associated with Microsoft Excel spreadsheet models.

Microsoft excel and other spreadsheet data analysis tools lack the capacity, functionality and power to necessary “what if “ analysis required, for that an integrated solution capable of performing complex risk and uncertainty analysis across a broad range of applications.

Source: Oracle

Oracle Crystal Ball is a suite of Microsoft Excel based application that extend its analytical power and defining variable inputs in terms of realistic ranges of possible values which can calculate all possible outcomes and record the results for analysis and reporting , with all the insight information gained through simulations, one can zeroed in the factors which are more likely to help succeed in near and long term.

Oracle Crystal Ball can create accurate, predictive model by using historical and current data and search for solution that look into market uncertainty and constraint. Oracle Crystal Ball can be quickly applied to new or existing spreadsheet models and enables you to:

Increase revenue. Maximize growth while optimizing ability to react effectively to market disruption and random events.

Decrease costs. Generate sensitivity charts that identify which variables have the bigger impact on your costs.

Improve productivity. Save time by using simulations to quickly and automatically model and visualize thousands of “what if “ situation.

Enhance quality. Meet quality objectives by using simulation results and capability metrics to determine optimal product specification and defect tolerances.

To know more about Oracle Crystal Ball Software, you can attend Live and Free Webinar about Oracle Crystal Ball on 20 December, 2013, Friday. Registration for Free Webinar is open now and you can Register online to attend Free Webinar of Oracle Crystal Ball Software.