Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Essentials for Selecting Cost Effective Website Design and Development Services

1.       Professional and Aesthetic Design: The design should be simple yet attractive that too be decided in line with companies brand image. Favoring an inexperience player can mess up the whole design ending up in recurring design enhancements causing time and cost overruns. The professional design must be able to attract user for long run.

2.       Responsive Website Design: Everything is getting mobile and users are not just limited to laptop and desktops for internet access. Mobile tabs, Smartphones, iPad, iPhone etc., the user base for such devices for website browsing is increasing on daily basis. According to one of the survey, 56 percent of smartphone owners in India prefer accessing Internet multiple times a day on their phones. So, does your website is responsive enough to support appropriate view on all such devices?

3.       Quality Code: A person with messy and cluttered desk waste 1 hour daily in finding things. Similar way, a code without commenting and order when required improvisation may consume lot of time of developer and may increase maintenance cost. Quality code is also necessary for CSS and W3C Validations for website Design.

4.       Maintenance Cost: The increased maintenance cost can be of multiple reasons. Use of obsolete technology, functions, databases and applications. It may be because of incapability to understand and predict ambiguity in advance.

5.       Professional Work Delivery: For every job, there should be a plan. Plan to accurately understand the requirement of customer, user and other stake holders and then to execute it without hassle. The process must adhere to preparation of all necessary documents for design and development. Proper workflow and contingency plans are must for successful work delivery and avoiding time overruns because of confusion.  And time overruns may lead to cost overrun and business loss in that time period ending up as an expensive solution.

6.       Multifaceted use of Technology: The use of carousel wherever it is useful, arrangement of text, light weight functions for attractive website design, use of live chat, connectivity with social media, responsive website design etc. all these are possible with integration of various supportable plugins. The development team must know the latest plugins used for interactive website design.

7.       SEO Friendly: The website design, domain registration and server hosting should be SEO Friendly.  Server must support SEO URL rewriting, Domain routing. The intuitive page design, images used with alt tags, quality content written and Updated Meta tags for website help and support Organic SEO of website. During website development you may understand SEO friendliness.

8.       Light Weight Website Design: Quick website load is very much necessary from user perspective. Excess load time is deterrent for business perspective as it may annoy the end user surfing website. Use of Java Script Query carousel in place of Flash animation may reduce website load time considerably. Use of appropriate light weight functionalities is very much necessary.

9.       Copyrighted Objects and Images: the development process, objects used, content written and images used must not be copyrighted. It should be created in house and should not infringe IPR of any other party. In bid to bring down the cost, unethical practices exist where website doesn’t comply with use of original and licensed objects.  It’s better to research everything before selecting your service provider, its previous record and reputation.

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