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Responsive Website Design

RWD – Responsive Website Design is an approach in Website Designing where the website is developed to provide optimum viewing experience to the user irrespective of device he uses. Be it a Tab, or Smartphone, or PC, the Responsive Website Design gives easy reading and writing with minimum resizing of components of website and minimum scrolling.

The end user will view the same website differently when seen on devices with different resolution.

How it is done?

The Responsive Website Design is developed through following key technical features:-

•Media queries and media query listeners to figure out of what resolution of devices, its being served on.
•A flexible grid-based layout that uses relative sizing
•Flexible images and media, through dynamic resizing or CSS

The above key technical features provide the optimum viewing on resizing the page while browsing or accessing on device with different resolution. These are heart of Responsive Website Designs.

Why it is Important to have Responsive Website Design?

As per bog of, the Tablet sales are expected to exceed 100 million this year. Their sales numbers may top notebooks next year. According to Nielsen, the majority of U.S. mobile subscribers now own smartphones, not feature phones. It reflects the usage of smartphones and tablets can increase considerable in near future and so will be the internet usage on these devices. Your website need to support optimum viewing irrespective of device it is been seen as against an idea of keeping a separate domain for mobile website and going for separate website design for devices of different resolution.

An example of a responsive website, The Boston Globe, displayed on multiple devices

Advantages of Responsive Website Design

1.Enhanced User Experience
2.Optimum viewing and user-friendly navigation
3.Save cost and money for development for different devices
4.Efficient Communication

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