Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Essentials of Social Media Marketing Strategy - Part 2

In my recent blog I discussed about guest & micro blogging, discussions, commenting, polls, chat, rating and reviews for brands. Today I am discussion some more activities that are the necessary part of social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Services

Resource Manager

Like your brand identity, different resources of your brands which customer may look for, should be at centralised location on your website, brand page or in a directory. You should share, edit and store brochures and multimedia of all types in one central location. This way you can offer an easy navigation for product resources to your audience as well as yourself.

User Profiles

As a representative of your brand, your profile should be very rich in information as well as creative appeal to audience. In next step, you should search for other profiles that share mutual interests and send a respectful request to become a friend of yours and follower of your brand. Member Directory Management is the part of this process in which we should search for individuals on social networks and add them to friend list after viewing their profiles (if profiles match what we are looking for and what we are offering).

Private Messaging

On occasion of festival session, events, birthdays or anniversary of your followers don’t forget to send warm wishes via private messages to them within your profile. For this you have to prepare in advance and include such celebrations in your friend list.

Take advantage of a special skill of your team members that assists social media operations to gain new businesses and employ with previous ones.

To create a buzz over the internet among your audience following techniques we can follow:

• Creative Social Profile Setup

• Video Channel Account Setup

• Channel and Profile Management

• Audience and Fan Outreach

• Creative Applications

• Content and Video Sharing

• Blog Outreach with Guest and Micro blogging

• ORM- Online Reputation Management

• Real-time Tracking of Social Mentions and Sentiment

• Creative Design and Setup for Official Blog

• Smooth Process to Approve Content of Guest Bloggers

Social Media Marketing involves online exchanges and relationship in many forms. The social media networking give a wide array of opportunities through which to you can set up a perfect image of your brand among your targeted audience. Every brand should have presence on the following top social media platforms:

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Google+

• LinkedIn

• Pinterest

To make decision to design campaign and targeted traffic, all these accounts should be integrated with Google Analytics to review performance report of each individual platform.

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