Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How to select right Service Provider for Software Application Development (part - 2)

In continuation to the article: “How to select right Service Provider for Web Application Development!!” we have come up with few check points for you to make a right choice.

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What you should check for the Service Provider?

1. Past Experience in Custom Application: If you are going for custom application development, there is probability that the vendor might not have done such project but you may check-in credentials of the vendor and experience in custom application development for other domains.

2. Understand Process and Methodology: As a Business enterprise, you should research about IT Process, SDLC yourself. It will help you to understand the perspective of Service Provider, How they do things?

Please understand “A little knowledge is more dangerous” , you should read on Google to build understanding about the subject rather teaching anyone who is master in his own field.

3. Documentation for Every Phase of Project: for a small project, you can get cozy but in big project implementation, you cannot take risk with Uncertainties. Clear out all the points, deadlines, project deliverables, delivery time, and milestone well in advance before starting up with engagement.

4. If Possible, clarify and pay visit to Service Provider facility: Everything is getting online today and so is the communication most of the time. But still, if you sense any negligence and deviance from said SOW, you must clarify things in personal and if possible, visiting the facility can help you in understanding precise status of proceedings.

Check out How much Service Provider is involved in Project?

After you have decided to engage the service provider, you can keep a watch on its activities of every phase of project. Please ensure the following basic phases of Software Project Lifecycle:-


Before going for any software development you need a research. The word “research” indicates to know about few things. Checkout what Service Provider is researching keeping in mind the current requirements and demands of the users. A good Service Provider will do research and planning before beginning with the project. It also includes preparation of all the documents.


After the completion of research stage, the designing of the software’s comes into the picture. In the designing stage, clarify the plan of the software. You may understand and ask for credentials of team involved.


After completing the designing work, the next task is the actual coding that implements the design of the software. Generally, code is a text written in a computer programming language. A powerful and bug free code can help you get robust application with minimum downtime, minimum probability of crashing.


It is a very important stage of SDLC and a good Service provider always do proper before project delivery. It is good to engage service provider who work in adherence to defined Quality Policy or the International Standards defined.

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