Friday, 22 March 2013

Benefits of B2B Ecommerce Portal

With Ecommerce at peak in India, lot many time we still have doubt about ecommerce website offering for B2B products. But on the other side, there are B2B Small Enterprises which are selling their products online on 3rd party portal. It is very important to understand that ecommerce in India is growing incessantly. India's e-commerce market was worth about $2.5 billion in 2009, it went up to $6.3 billion in 2011 and to $14 billion in 2012. Even the spiraling inflation and slower economic growth could not dampen the sheen and frenzied online shopping fun.

B2B Ecommerce Portal

What about its benefits for B2B Companies?

B2B ecommerce website design is not like polishing and making up the existing website and start getting business with Google AdWords. You cannot sell gold in a polythene packet and similarly selling a deodorant in a carved gold plated box. I am not raising any point here in context to packaging of product; it’s about serving the end user online with precise ratio of product information and graphic on your Online Point of sales.

For any B2B Product, you can convince the customer by educating about the features and plus points in comparison to other products in market. It is the due research and planning which is a key for success of any B2B ecommerce portal. There are portals selling packaging products, motor pumps, Gear Boxes, Gen-Sets, office furniture’s and lot many other B2B Products. In fact, we have every damn thing available for Bulk purchase on B2B portals like Alibaba, IndiaMart where merchant sell and process payment through portal itself (The rating are given to seller merchant as trusted vendor which ensures you will get your order at your doorstep and you can make huge transactions.

Features for B2B Ecommerce portal:-

1. Information Dissemination: For online selling B2B products, you must confer end user with liberty to access detailed information about the product.

2. Online Chat Help: There are many chat components to do Voice and text chat with real time users on Website. With this you can take down all queries and motivate them to buy online.

3. Guarantee and Certified products selling: It better to start with certified products to sell them online. It’s better to come up with less product inventory but to sell, whatever you are selling, with guarantee.

4. Customer Testimonials: The customer who trusts you will be first source of income on online medium. So, to enhance and build trust with poll of prospective customers, you must share customers’ testimonials.

5. Take feedback and Understand Preferences: Customer is the best source of learning to improvise. So, it’s better to learn directly from customer by asking their preference and understanding the factors the influenced their decision to buy and deterrents for online purchase.


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