Friday, 19 April 2013

Social Media Marketing Guide For Branding

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has grown into a popular substitute for branding of any business on the highway of internet. Marketers have understood the reach and power of social networking sites. Social websites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. are not only the "websites for teenagers". These websites have big database of valuable audience which can be converted into long term customers for any business. But how can one convert this audience into valuable customers? Here Social Media Marketing comes into action. But be careful while segmenting SMM channels for your business. One media may work for efficiently for a business but not for other kind of business. Without the proper knowledge and strategies for Social Media Marketing, you cannot hunt what you want. For example LinkedIn is best social media for B2B companies, but for B2C business, you have to employ a different marketing strategy. You social media marketing strategy will be responsible for your business; it can "make" or "break" business success in SMM.

Social Media Marketing Services

Step 1 : SMM Plan of Action

Make intelligent selections from the launch and move headlong with a SMM Plan of Action.

Step 2 : Proper Set Up

Research about your audience location and time spend on internet!

a. List the best social networking sites niche wise

b. Right User Name Social Profile and Account Settings

c. Target the eye-catching profile information

d. Filtering and sharing strategy of content for each site

e. Time scheduling for each Social Media Site

f. Making the Connections with people relevant to niche

Step 3: Implementation

Don't run or race for short term goal; move prepared with a long term vision.

A predefined social media optimization (SMO) strategy is the necessity. SMO =SEO+SMM, here SEO stands for search engine optimization and SMM stands for social media marketing. SMO is a mixture of SEO and SMM. SEO Service is required for proper optimization of business websites where your perspective customer lands to purchase products or to get detailed information about services. So, you must to optimize special resources prior to SMM implementation.

Content is king for offsite marketing process, so optimized blogs, articles, press release, reviews, discussions, images, videos and other resources SMM needs to parallel with the SEO.

Step 4: Testing, Tracking & Refining

You will need to analyse the trends and traffic behaviour and do the multivariate or a/b testing for your product and landing pages. Do improvements of design and structure of website after properly analysing the tracking reports and refine before run with a modified strategy.

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