Thursday, 12 June 2014

Importance of Culture in Localization

Culture is the combination of different elements which are passed from one generation to another keeping the flair alive like – values, morals, beliefs, rules, rituals, knowledge, customs etc. These different elements which can be called as traits are both visible and invisible, visible traits are those like – the food items which have been in use for ages, the dressing style of the community, the tools and techniques etc. whereas the invisible traits are those like – beliefs, values, the way people of the community think etc.

Although both visible and invisible traits are very important to keep the essence of the culture alive but according to the Localization point of view, invisible traits carry more weightage. The marketing strategies of an organization largely depend upon the local area culture where an organization is seeking to launch its product or service. The apt adopted strategy would define the acceptance or rejection of it.

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