Thursday, 31 January 2013

Budget Assessment for Quality SEO Services

With search engines such as Google brandishing businesses need to be on the alert concerning the ever-changing systems. Websites need to be enhanced to the fondness of the search engine crawlers. At the same time they need to appeal to human visitors. This is what can be achieved with effective SEO services – a website that is attractive to search engines as well as bedizens, and fully functional. Given the necessity of search engine optimization, the question arises whether to have it done in-house or outsourced to an external provider. The most important thought then is the cost involved.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Costs of In-house and Outsourced SEO

1. Availability of business resources

2. Access to latest technologies

3. Expert staff

4. Quality, time and precision

If you plan to assign the task of SEO to a operate member with a technical background, the SEO efforts may not bear direct fruit. This is because it would take the person some time to learn about the intricacies involved in optimization and decide on the best stratagems. You may also have to offer on-site training for your SEO team to keep them updated regarding the latest trends in the field. Moreover, extra charges for preserving advanced technologies and infrastructure may turn out to be a great financial burden.

On the other side, an SEO firm will already have fully trained and knowledgeable staff to provide the service professionally. They will have satisfactory tools and strategies for successful SEO services including social media marketing. They can immediately start on your project and deliver speedy results.

Considering the above mentioned reasons, it is more practical to avail of SEO outsourcing services to avoid the various risks associated with in-house SEO. Professional companies ensure flexible and affordable services, with attractive packages you can choose from according to your immediate requirements. So with just a single investment, you can achieve excellent revenue and develop a strong global presence.


In-house SEO May possibly Seizure to be Additional Cost

Subject to yearly budget of a corporate concern, it is possible to compare the relative outlays of SEO services. To employ an in-house SEO expert, you need to offer regular yearly salary package of six figures or more. But if the SEO is outsourced, the average quote is reduced to about $30,000/y for complete optimization of your website. So as a business firm, you must determine whether it is possible to have enough money for full time in-house work or go for outsourcing.

Budget evaluation of in-house vs. outsourced SEO will disclose that SEO outsourcing is the superior substitute to get your search engine optimization work done within the planned time with countless accuracy and value.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Demand of Mobile Apps in India

Smartphone usage in India is continuously increasing and so is the acceptability of mobile apps for personal and business usage. Diverse category of Smartphone applications ranging from local based Navigation & Tracking Applications, Social Networking applications to Business applications, the user base is continuously increasing all smartphone applications.

According to Report of Research2Guidnace, an independent mobile industry market research and consultancy provider, “India is slated to become one of the biggest players in the global app market by 2016, overtaking leading smartphone app markets such as the US, and five Western European Union countries”.

India being an outsourcing hub of software development is gaining competence in mobile app development. At present, there are 9,000 app development companies in India. According to a Nasscom report, most of these were launched during the last three years. The availability of mobile app developers at affordable prices is motivating factor for business enterprises, both small and big, to leverage the benefit of mobile apps to reach into customer pockets and enhance services and consumer base.

The Largest research organization for Internet and Mobile usage in India, Internet and Mobile Association in India (IAMAI), also expect considerable increase in Mobile Application in Indian Market in near future. According to Gaurav Chopra, associate vice-president, Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI),” In the near future, every business enterprise will need a mobile app, given that the usage of smartphones and mobile internet is growing rapidly”

In an interview, Mr. Gaurav also said, “Business apps or enterprise-based mobile apps market in terms of sale value will grow tremendously in India. It will outclass the market for consumer apps such as “What’s-app and Google Maps””.

mobile apps

Factors that are driving demand for mobile apps in India:

1. Increasing usage of Smartphones and Smart Devices in India

2. Increase in Disposable Income

3. Surging Internet Penetration in India

4. Increasing Penetration of 3G Network in India

5. Acceptability of Social Networking concepts in India

Challenges before Smartphone App Usage in India:

1. Lack of Awareness about Usage in India

2. Lack of Regional Language Support

3. Low penetration in Rural India

As a business enterprise, you may delve into more to find out ways to increase customer base, stakeholders’ convenience and suppliers’ connectivity with mobile applications. For example, one of the leading fast food retail chain got developed Android Based Application for Smart Devices to book order from customer desk. The application helped to reduce Chaos and helped to extend POS (Point of Sale) Counter. Companies are introducing application to enhance user experience through Ecommerce Applications through Smartphones.

All in all, it’s only you to delve more to find out, how mobile application are to be developed for varied business objectives. As far as, demand is concerned, there is a significant possibility of Business Enhancement with Mobile Apps.


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Quick Guide to Develop and Market Blackberry Mobile Applications

Blackberry Mobile phones are one of the best smartphones with its widespread acceptance as Business Phone for personal and office planner. In one of the blackberry survey results cited in blog of, 33% of BlackBerry owners use their phones mostly or only for business purposes, compared with just 20% of all smartphone users. Also, BlackBerry was much more likely – in 2 out of 3 cases – to be the smartphone brand chosen by companies for their employees.

Even though there is rage in Smartphone usage of multiple brands giving tough competition to blackberry, still considerable amount of users prefer blackberry for Business purposes. You got to have a Mobile Application development for Blackberry Smartphones to target one of the niches Business Class Users. Being an Ecommerce venture thinking to offer a smartphone application to users, or a social networking website, you have to have Applications for Blackberry Smartphones to reach to target prospects.

Quick Guide for Development:-

There are two different ways you can develop for Blackberry:-

1. Using Java Development Environment (JDE): The java environment is preferred when you want application to work independently from Blackberry solutions (BIS – Blackberry Internet Services, BES – Blackberry enterprise Service) to give rich user experience.

2. Using MDS Simulator: It is best suited when you require your app to communicate with BIS, Email, other internet based services which require access to Blackberry backend to operate it.

As a developer, you require the framework with emulators and simulators to test the functionality of an application before it is installed onto devices or network. Be it a JDE or MDS to develop Blackberry application, the framework should includes access to enterprise features that are used for desktop and server application development, so you have more freedom when creating and coding.

How to Sell You Blackberry Application?

Blackberry launched the APP world in 2009 and this is the best platform to showcase your application to millions of users across the globe. Any application packaged as a cod file (using the BlackBerry JDE, JDE Plug-in for Eclipse and JDE component package) can be marketed through App World. It must comply with the store’s Vendor Guidelines. In addition submitted apps must not violate the T&Cs of the BlackBerry SDK License agreement.

“BlackBerry App World provides a fantastic new resource for consumers and an equally exciting progression of business opportunities for our developer and carrier partners,” said Jim Balsillie, RIM’s co-chief executive, when App World launched.

Developers will need to visit the Mobile App World Vendor Portal and register in order to submit their chosen app for approval.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

DOs and DON’Ts for Ecommerce Website Development and Marketing

In order to make your website productive, efficient and successfully, there always exists few important parameters that should and should not be done. There exist Dos and Don’ts for every stage of lifecycle of Ecommerce Website Development. Below are few of the listed Dos and Don’ts for Ecommerce Website Development:-

1. Do define the objective and goals clearly on a paper and Expected ROI.

2. Failing to Plan leads towards planning to fail: Do make a plan for Website Launch and Marketing. The first step is to prepare a daily, weekly and monthly plan and deadlines for the Development and Marketing.

3. Do spend time in defining the best user experience: You need to spend time to segregate what to be marketed on website? What are the highlights? Is the Navigation good enough for User? Does user is able to find the desired object easily? Does the cart is lost if any wrong button is pressed? Discuss with your friends, subordinates in testing period. Ask people and do survey to find what they seek on home page and landing pages.

4. The shopping should easy and safe for the end User: You should ensure safety in purchasing process on online medium. There should be zero probability in security breach. You may go for Verisign for Online transactions.

ecommerce website

5. You never get a second chance to make first impression: Don’t make your home page chaotic for the end user. The interface should have a very good look and feel so that your first impression leaves good remarks for your portal.

6. Limit the Level of Website: Don’t make user to dig into the pages to 3rd and 4th level to find product for him. If your website requires digging to search products, eventually the product will always lie buried inside your website. Any product listed down to increasing number of levels, it eventually gets dead and hardly any user will visit that page. It’s better to limit the levels of digging.

7. Do mention Terms and Conditions clearly: You should not conceal anything from the user to build and maintain the trust of the end user.

8. Make it for the Users, Not just for the Search Engines: It’s good to optimize your website with quality title and Meta tags. But limit it to that extent only. You should focus the end user and don’t allow too much text for the customer to read. Do provide links for T&C and Privacy policy, but your landing page must speak through quality images and interface.

9. Do provide the contact information for necessary feedback for your ecommerce website.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

SEO For Mobile Applications, How?

Have you ever seen New Search option on Google – “Applications”? You know this would be the game changer of search engine practices in the near future. As SEO’s are facing very challenges for keywords ranking in “Search” option after several algorithm updates of search engine giant “Google”, this option is very useful, if your business have mobile application on app stores and you want maximum revenue from your business app.

Year 2012 was the year for development of Mobile Applications and rate of number of applications developed in 2012 was very much higher than previous years. But after investing thousands $ for mobile app development, one cannot generate revenue from app, if it is not the mobile devices of targeted users. As most of the users download their apps from different online app stores including Google Play, iTunes, App Brain, cnet etc.

So, what if you app ranked in google search results? You will get maximum clicks and conversion rate than you competitor. So here SEO For Mobile Applications comes in action with New Search option on Google – “Applications”. Yes, this is the opportunity for every app owner to see their app on search results of google and top ranks in “Application” section.

Binary Semantics

Under the New Search option on Google – “Applications”, most of the results are from Google Play and iTunes. So, if your app is already in these two stores, it is good sign for you but how to maximise the probability for your app to rank in top results? SEO For Mobile Applications is very important but SEO practices are not same here as for websites. These practices need very careful and continuous plan. As this features is very new, so no of experienced SEO in the domain are very few. So be careful while hiring a consultant or agency for effective SEO For Mobile Applications.

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